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Holding Paw

Meet the staff

That Care for Your Furry Friends

At Woofie Joe's LLC
Pet Resort & Doggie Daycare, we do more than provide pet care - we care about your pet just as we care about our own. Not only are we animal lovers, but we also have the experience to provide the highest quality of services.

Meet the Team: Welcome

Meet the Team

True Pet Lovers



General Manager

Hire Date October 2019

Owns 4 dogs

Mary grew up in the dog biz, so there's not much she can't help out with during any given day.  She has been with Woofie Joe's from the first day the keys were handed over. Her passion for the business shines through on any given day. Grooming, HR, internet, software, working with the pack, she can do it all.



Daycare Pack Leader

Kourtney started the summer of 2021. She is a valuable team member working with our larger pups. She also is our party coordinator and does a great job making sure the pack is happy on party days.



Doggy Daycare Tech

Stephanie has been here since October 2021. She walks in everyday with a smile and strolls into the little yard like a Preschool Teacher, talking sweetly and petting every single pup.




Lori started working as our Receptionist in the fall of 2021. She greets everyone with a smile, checks in the pups and sends them to their assigned yards. She is so great at her front desk job and making appointments. She's a valued team member.



Doggy Daycare Tech

Avery started in 2021 working at Wooferties. She loves the pups and hangs out with them when she's not at school or marching band. She's a busy girl but loves her days playing with the pack.

Meet the Team: Team


Doggy Daycare Tech

Sy came to work at Wooferties in late 2022. Loving every aspect of the job, Sy does especially well with the larger pups and has aspirations of becoming a dog groomer soon.



Doggy Daycare Tech

Jaida has been working at Woofierties since late 2022. She loves working with the little pups and make sure all of them are taken care of during her shift.



Doggy Daycare Tech

Kayla started working at Woofie Joe's in late 2023 right before the holidays. Her 'go big or go home' attitude helped her succeed during the crazy holiday rush. She is very organized and loves working with all the pups, big or small.



Pack Leader/Groomer

Brittney hired in in late 2022 bringing her cheery smile and lots of energy. She began as a bather, helped in daycare and then trained in to become a groomer. She splits her time between grooming at Aquadog and working at Woofie Joe's because she just can't get enough of the pups!



Doggy Daycare Tech

Morgan started working at Wooferties as in late 2021.  She loves working with all pups, but have a special soft spot for the large dogs. She works hard and has a passion for ensuring everyone has a great day, and all behind the scenes tasks are done.



Doggy Daycare Tech

Nani brings a cheery smile and love for every dog here. She works with them to be able to become a good pack members and is on her way to being a certified trainer.



Certified Trainer

Haylee began working at Wooferties in the summer of 2023. If you ever wonder who is hanging out with your little dogs, she's your girl. She takes some amazing pictures of the pups as well.




Diego started working at Wooferties in late 2023. He quickly became accustomed to the crazy atmosphere here and loves every minute of his time spent with the pups. Fun fact about Diego is that he actually doesn't own a dog so he gets his fix here at WJ.

Meet the Team: Team
Meet the Team: Team
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