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Pet Grooming

Woofie Joe's Grooming just got an upgrade you won't believe! ✨ We've traded our suds for a paw-some new location – Aquadog, Newburgh's most glamorous dog spa.
That's right, Angie, the queen of pampering pups, took over Aquadog in December, and let me tell you, it's barking fantastic! This chic space oozes excellence, and your furry friend will be the hippest hound on the block after a spa day there.
So, if your pup needs a grooming glow-up during their stay at Woofie Joe's, we've got you covered! We'll whisk them away to Aquadog for a tail-wagging transformation. They'll get the star treatment with expert groomers, luxurious suds, and maybe even a pawdicure (because why not?).
The best part? It's totally your call how you want your pup to strut back home. We can bring them back to Woofie Joe's, or you can pick them up directly from Aquadog's glamorous digs. Just remember, they close at 4pm and will be bursting with excitement to show off their new look!
Don't miss out on this opportunity to give your pup the ultimate pampering experience! Book their grooming appointment at Aquadog today and get ready for wags, wows, and woofs of wonder! ✨ #WoofieJoesGrooming #AquadogSpa #TreatYoPup

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Ready to unleash your pup's inner fashion icon? Head over to Aquadog and wag your way to paw some information on their services. You won't regret it (unless your pup starts requesting daily massages and cucumber facials!)

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